Our Charity Partners

Our Charity Partners

Working with Charities

At Motorsport Tickets, we believe that one of the best things about sport is its powerful potential for bringing people together. To have us win together, lose together and be constantly re-defining the boundaries of human limitation together.

Motorsport is a community and for that reason, we choose to partner with amazing charities, helping to spread the word and share stories of their fantastic work as well as providing opportunities to generate additional funds.

The integrated donation facility within our checkout makes it easy for customers to add an optional donation, every time they make a purchase at motorsporttickets.com

Our charities

Our charities
Race Against Dementia Logo

We're thrilled at having been selected by Motorsport Tickets as their charity partner. We're grateful for their support, making it easy for anyone purchasing tickets to automatically make a contribution and join us in accelerating the Race Against Dementia.

A charity founded by Sir Jackie Stewart, who raise and allocate funds to research aimed at finding a prevention or treatment for the disease.

Unless something changes, one in three people born today will get dementia and currently there are no disease - modifying treatments. Yet there is only one dementia researcher to every four cancer researchers. Investment is critically needed.

The Race Against Dementia (RAD) Fellowship Programme draws from the most promising early career scientific talent around the world. Collaboration with forward-thinking Our Charity Partners organisations in Formula One, as well as other innovative bodies, will bring the dynamic attitude, dedication and agility of Grand Prix teamwork to drive results in dementia research. The programme not only accelerates the Fellows’ personal research agendas, but also aspires to catalyse a change in dementia research culture globally.RAD Fellows benefit from mentoring with both high-tech organisations and a global academic network.

Dr. Penny Moyle
CEO, Race Against Dementia

To find out more about the great work done by Race Against Dementia, click here

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